d. Sabela grimes aka Ovasoul7 hailed by the LA Times as“Los Angeles dance world’s best kept secret,” …Who me? 

I AM an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose performance work and pedagogical approach reveal a vested interest in the physical and meta-physical efficacies of Afro-diasporic cultural practices.

Considered an Afro-futurist, my work journeys through the current future of the present past and the corrugated spaces of select incarnations while proactively seeking to magnify and critique contemporary notions of Hip Hop culture and aesthetics. Using a mix of socio-historical observation, self-examination and exploration, each creative chronicle manifests and exists through layers of non-linear arrangements that sonically, visually and kinesthetically blur the line between our most precious and protected binaries. Current creative projects consider alternate histories and grapple with constructed notions of masculinity and manhood while conceiving a womynist consciousness. 

I created and continue to cultivate a movement system that focuses on the methodical dance training and community building elements evident in Black vernacular/Street dance forms called FunkamentalsFunkamentals integrates a variety of practical and theoretical perspectives that circulate in Street Dance cultures outside of the academy, and exposes students to specific knowledge systems that rarely enter mainstream academia.

As a composer I AM known to use audio sampling as a critical sound-making method.  I AM joyously participating in the custom of “versioning” found in Afro-diasporic music traditions. Each “soundprint”, as I call them, encompass field recordings, commonplace objects, traditional instruments and media sound bites extracted from online media sources. I playfully explore unusual ways to use technologies to create sound-shapes that stretch beyond my own notions of the form and function of modern sound design.

I am that I AM

— and with Notes